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Advisor, Telecommunications

Mr. Delgado is an engineer, manager, and policy analyst with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector.  His expertise includes electrical-mechanical engineering,  network planning, satellite communications, rural telecommunications, project appraisal and management, and procurement. He has been involved in the development, appraisal and supervision of projects with a wide range of components in both public and private sectors.

He has assisted in the preparation of bidding documents and contractual documents for equipment procurement and turnkey arrangements, as well as for technical assistance and consulting work.


Mr. Delgado holds a degree in Electrical-Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. In addition, he has had extensive training in telecommunications systems: switching and transmission, teletraffic, network planning, satellite communications, project evaluation and project management.


Mr. Delgado has worked closely with ministries and regulatory agencies in countries throughout the world in the formulation of sector policy, institutional strengthening, and infrastructure development projects. 

In recent years, Mr. Delgado has worked as a consultant with major international engineering, planning and telecommunications firms. He has carried out consultancies with public and private sector clients in Poland, Jordan, Lima, Peru, Turkey, and El Salvador. In these countries, his major responsibilities included:

  • feasibility studies (including  studies of market, regulatory, and technical issues)  for nationwide fiber-optic infrastructure projects;

  • technical assistance for implementation of a nationwide ATM data transmission network;

  • specialized assistance for  development of a telecommunications sector reform plan, with recommendations for its implementation including development of regulatory frameworks and licensing protocols.


For more than a decade, Mr. Delgado worked as a Telecommunications Engineer for the World Bank. In that capacity, he helped set new standards for telecommunications in such countries as Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He also worked on World Bank telecommunications projects in Nepal, China, Laos, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Western Samoa. The projects in Pakistan and Sri Lanka serve to illustrate the scope of Mr. Delgado's expertise in the telecommunications field:

  • In Pakistan, Mr. Delgado supervised the implementation and evaluated the impact of the Fifth Telecommunications Project, which involved networks and services at rural, local, long-distance and international levels as well as strengthening the operational capability of Pakistan's Telegraph and Telephone Department (now the Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation).  In particular, the domestic long-distance network was substantially improved with the addition of a fiber optic cable route along the country. In addition, Mr. Delgado prepared a project that will provide technical assistance to establish a new regulatory framework and support the privatization of the national operator. Having assisted in the preparation of technical specifications and bidding documents for the procurement of a national frequency management and monitoring, Mr. Delgado supervised implementation activities for this project.
  • In Sri Lanka, Mr. Delgado appraised and supervised the Second Telecommunications Project, a World Bank-financed project to improve sector efficiency and support the initial investment program (network expansion and improved services in Colombo and some of the provinces) of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Corporation. He contributed to a study on strategic options for the telecommunications sector and assisted in the preparation of technical specifications and bidding documents for a computerized frequency management and monitoring system and terms of reference for the provision of consulting services to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC). Mr. Delgado also supervised the implementation of the Telecommunications Regulation and Public Enterprise Reform Technical Assistance Project.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Mr. Delgado had a long and distinguished career with Empresa Nacional de Telecommunicaciones de Colombia (TELCOM) where he held various technical and managerial positions, including Vice President for Rural Telecommunications. In that capacity he established extensive structures to improve communications throughout the rural regions of the country. He also supervised and coordinated a contract with COMSAT General Corp. for the Colombian Satellite Project. His activities included the preparation of technical specifications for the space and earth segments of the system, negotiation of conditions for the use of North American and European launch vehicles, and coordination of satellite positions in the geo-synchronous orbit.

Mr. Delgado also served as Advisor to the Minister of Communications in Colombia. He prepared studies for improving policies and procedures for handling international cooperation and managing international agreements. In addition, he conducted an analysis of the Colombian telecommunications network as a basis for a broader study sponsored by the Organization of American States.


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