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Mr. Sergo is a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in the telecommunication and energy sectors. His major strengths lie in technical, economic, legal and financial analysis. In addition he is skilled in negotiating, preparing and appraising projects, as well as project supervision and procurement.† Mr. Sergo has held senior management positions in major private telecom companies in South America and while at the World Bank, he established an enviable track record in the preparation and appraisal of telecommunications projects and in the design of policy reforms and sector restructuring strategies for developing countries. 


Mr. Sergo holds MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics with emphasis on quantitative methods and operations research.  In addition, he has completed extensive studies in administration, finance, economics and law.


Mr. Sergo's experience literally spans the globe:  He has worked on telecommunications and petroleum operations in some 30 countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and South and East Asia.

As Managing Director and Co-Founder of PM Global Infrastructure Inc. Mr.Sergo is the senior partner managing assignments in telecom and energy, and serves as the senior financial analyst for other projects. Recently, he has provided advice to the World Bank on telecom sector reforms in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  He has also carried out a pre-feasibility study of a mobile telephone system in Bangladesh on behalf of a private client and is creating innovative programs for adopting new approaches for other private clients in this sector.


In the decades between 1977 and 1997, Mr, Sergo held executive positions at the World Bank, serving as Senior Financial Analyst and Task Manager for telecommunciations, energy and infrastructure projects throughout the world.

He managed telecom operations in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand and energy projects in Europe and in many countries in Asia and the Middle East and represented the World Bank at ITU meetings in Buenos Aires, Singapore and Geneva.

A major focus of Mr. Sergo's work was in sector reform and restructuring aimed at expanding the role of private operators. His achievements in this field can best be illustrated by the succession of three projects that he prepared, appraised and supervised in Sri Lanka.  The two first projects were financed primarily by public sector investments, but helped to liberalize the mobile phone and value added services and to transform the government-owned operator into an independent corporation.  In 1995, Mr. Sergo undertook a review of the effects of the reforms and outlined a blueprint for further liberalization.  Discussions with the Government of Sri Lanka led to agreement on further liberalization of the telecom sector, strengthening of the legal and regulatory arrangements and privatization of the state owned Sri Lanka Telecom Corporation (SLT).  These reforms were supported through a new project that has become a model for a new generation of World Bank telecom sector operations. 

Mr. Sergo also managed telecom operations in Colombia, El Salvador, Fiji, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and Zambia.  Especially noteworthy was his advice to the Kenyan Government regarding the allocation of telecom assets and liabilities and related legal issues following the break-up of the East African Union.

In the energy sector, Mr. Sergo has worked on the preparation, appraisal and supervision of refinery projects in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand; on gas development, petroleum and pipeline projects in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Egypt, Hungary and Syria.

Mr. Sergo's expertise has been acknowledged by the World Bank in the form of two "awards of excellence" for portfolio management and project supervision: one for a natural gas project in Indonesia; the other for an airport improvement project in the Maldives.††


Mr. Sergo's expertise in financial analysis and management is exemplified in his work with The Ericsson Group where he rose from a position of Financial Analyst for the company's cable manufacturing plant in Argentina, to Finance Manager for two telephone operating companies in Argentina to Managing Director and CEO for Cia, Ericsson S.A.C.I., the groupís sales company in Argentina. During that time, Mr. Sergo also had† overall responsibility for the finances of all four of the groupís companies in Argentina.  In this position he initiated Ericssonís manufacturing of telephones in Argentina as well as the companyís exports to Chile and Uruguay.


A detailed CV is available upon request from PM Global.


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