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OSSI RAHKONEN, Advisor, Transport

Mr. Rahkonen has a wide range of experience gained over nearly 40 years as a Transport and Telecommunications Economist and Project Manager engaged in the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects all over the world. These projects have been financed by both private institutions and World Bank/IFC. 

Mr. Rahkonen has extensive experience in project preparation, appraisal, management and finance with both international lending institutions and private companies. He has worked both for international consulting firms and the government of Finland in design and implementation of transport projects. He is also experienced in assisting private companies in undertaking infrastructure projects financed by international institutions.


Mr. Rahkonen holds an MA degree in Political Science with majors in International Economics and Statistics from the University of Turku. He completed post-graduate studies in Economics and Statistics with a major in Transport at the University of Helsinki and received extensive management training from the World Bank.


Mr. Rahkonen has been involved in providing technical assistance for transport and telecommunications projects in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. He has broad experience with projects such as these:

Feasibility Studies and Evaluation of Transport Projects

  • Evaluation of all modes of transport in Zambia; and

  • Evaluation of the largest FINNIDA-funded development project (the Pha Rung Shipyard) in Vietnam;
  • Feasibility Studies of  State Highway Projects in Jaipur and Haryana, India;

  • Feasibility Studies for  highway projects in Dacca, Bangladesh and various areas in China;

  • Feasibility Study of  the South Rail Project in the Metro-Manila Region in the Philippines, (a privately sponsored major transport project to connect Manila with Batangas Port);

  • Feasibilty Study of alternatives to the Buenos-Aires-Colonia Bridge (a 45-km Bridge over Rio Plata, Argentina).

Transport Sector Planning

  • National Transport Sector StrategicPlan and Infrastructure Master Plan in Tanzania;

  • Country Economic Report and Transport Sector Review , Kazakhstan.

Public-Private Partnerships

  • Pre-feasibility Study of  obtaining private concessionary financing the main transport artery of Pakistan

  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessment;

  • Due Diligence Studies of Telecommunications projects in Tatarstan.

Mr. Rahkonen served as Director Of the Finnish Trade Center, Embassy Of Finland To The U.S. The focus of his work was to find opportunities for Finnish companies to participate in  international development projects. This involved both informing suitable companies, identifying projects and marketing the companies in the development agencies.  He also mobilized co-financing for projects involving these companies. He also carried out consulting assignments in infrastructure and telecommunications.

For the World Bank he served in a variety of positions including Transport Economist, Country Economist, Regional Development Advisor and Assistant Secretary of the World Bank. In these positions he carried out a number of assignments, including preparation and appraisal of infrastructure projects, transport sector studies and policy analysis and bank missions to more than 20 countries. He prepared a Special World Bank Report on the Construction Industry in Developing Countries.

Prior to the World Bank Mr. Rahkonen worked for two large, international engineering companies: (Hoff & Overgaard and Kampsax). In this capacity he carried out feasibility studies for transport sector projects and provided technical assistance to governments in several countries. He worked in the highway, rail, port, inland waterway, inter-island shipping, telecom and multi-modal transport sectors.

For the Finnish government, Mr. Rahkonen worked as Chief of the Investment Evaluation Section of the National Board Of Highways and Waterways. During that time, he helped to introduce economic evaluation procedures for all road and port investment proposals. This was the first time that quantitative forecasts and cost-benefit analyses were used.  Mr. Rahkonen managed a staff of 10 graduate engineers, economists and social scientists.

A detailed CV is available on request from PM Global.


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