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Mr. Ljung founded PM Global Infrastructure, Inc., as a way of providing specialized services in innovative public-private partnerships and related fields in the infrastructure sector.

Trained in civil engineering, business administration and economics, Mr. Ljung has spent most of his professional life working with infrastructure projects. While his breadth of experience spans all types of infrastructure, his major focus has been on urban development, water supply and sanitation, and power.

Mr. Ljung's extensive international experience includes a proven track record of successful interaction with both public and private sector clients in diverse cultural settings. He is thoroughly familiar with the complex security arrangements and financial structures of private infrastructure projects.

Mr. Ljung is widely regarded as one who has a unique ability to gain the confidence of senior government officials and to convince leaders of the benefits of innovative and forward-looking restructuring of public-private relationships in the infrastructure sector. He is experienced in working in close collaboration with a number of multilateral and bilateral financing agencies.


Mr. Ljung has an MS degree in Civil Engineering and a Ph.D. in Construction Economics and Organization from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He earned an MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics. In addition, Mr. Ljung studied Urban and Regional Planning, as well as Economics, at the University of California at Berkeley.


Mr. Ljung's experience encompasses the whole range of infrastructure planning, management, finance, policy development, regulation and monitoring. Although his main focus has been on South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, Mr. Ljung's work has also taken him to Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has worked in more than 22 countries on five continents for projects ranging from feasibility studies to national sector policy and public-private partnerships.

As CEO of PM Global, Mr. Ljung has served as team leader in the provision of technical assistance to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on structuring private participation in a water supply (desalination) project in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East. The scope of this work included project design and preparation of bid documents for international bidding as well as analysis of organizational development for the regulatory authority.
Recently, he carried out a risk assessment analysis for a loan guarantee program financed by the Swedish International Development Association (SIDA) for a private port concession in Maputo. The analysis included port traffic and revenue forecasts under different scenarios.

He prepared a comprehensive analysis of the financing of water and energy resource projects for the World Commission on Dams. The report focuses on the relationship between market structure, regulation and financing of privately owned and operated projects. It is available on the World Commission on Dams' Website.
In his distinguished career with the World Bank which spans more than two decades, Mr. Ljung was in the forefront of the Bank's efforts to restructure public sector agencies, reform infrastructure policies, and to encourage private sector participation.

He initiated the World Bank's work on private participation in urban services and orchestrated the establishment of several funds for financing private infrastructure projects. His projects employed a range of approaches from privatization through development of green-field projects and he was the manager responsible for the Bank's first two partial-risk-guarantees.

One of Mr. Ljung's projects, the US$1.6 billion Hub Power Project in Pakistan, was the first major build-own-operate facility to be constructed in a low-income, developing country. This project was widely regarded as a path-breaking undertaking that established a model for similar projects in other countries.

The Uch Power Project also served as a model for financing initiatives, and a third project in Mr. Ljung's domain, Rousch Power, was selected by Project and Trade Finance Magazine (January 1997) as one of the "Deals of the Year." Both the Hub and Uch power projects utilized the innovative partial-risk-guarantee model.

Defining and articulating global sector policies and strategies were Mr. Ljung's principal responsibilities as chief of the World Bank's central division dealing with urban development. As Division Chief, he developed country-specific strategies for sector restructuring and policy reform and took the lead in conducting sector policy dialogues with government officials.

He was also economic advisor in the unit serving the World Bank's Senior Vice President of Operations as well as the Operations Committee. In that capacity, he focused on the economics of country assistance strategies and Sectoral Adjustment lending operations.
Mr. Ljung has dealt extensively with macro-economic development and international debt issues as the World Bank's representative at the Paris Club.

Prior to the World Bank, he worked for the Master Planning Commission of Stockholm focusing primarily on the city's long-range investment plans, especially in the transport field.

Mr. Ljung has written numerous reports and published articles on various development topics. He has participated in a number of World Bank task forces (including the Poverty Task Force in 1988) and he was one of the authors of the Bank's 1982 World Development Report.

Mr. Ljung has been a featured speaker on power and water sector reforms, limited recourse financing of infrastructure projects and privatization at international conferences and seminars in Bangladesh, Egypt, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, the United Kingdom and the US.

A detailed CV is available upon request from PM Global.

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