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PM Global
Infrastructure, Inc.
is uniquely qualified
to advise governments
and private sector
clients on all
matters related
to infrastructure


Financing Facilities for Infrastructure Projects

Private Infrastructure Projects, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
PM Global staff advised on the establishment of and supervised the operations of special financing facilities for private infrastructure projects in all four countries. The Private Sector Energy Development Fund (PSEDF) in Pakistan, for example, provided financing for five power projects with capacities ranging from 100 MW to 1,200 MW and a fuel oil pipeline. Together, these projects represented an investment of US$3.5 billion, of which US$1.0 billion was provided through PSEDF. Besides power, the facilities in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka have financed port expansions and toll roads.

Municipal Infrastructure, Jordan, Morocco.
PM Global staff helped to create credit facilities for municipal infrastructure. These financing facilities introduced stringent appraisal criteria on investments carried out by local governments and sought to ensure that the municipalities remained creditworthy by imposing strict financial discipline.





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