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PM Global
Infrastructure, Inc.
is uniquely qualified
to advise governments
and private sector
clients on all
matters related
to infrastructure



Dams and Development: A New Framework for Decision-Making
A Report of the World Commission on Dams

"Thematic Review: International Trends in Project Financing," by PM Global CEO Per Ljung.

World Bank Streaming Video on Presentation of
Metropolitan Manila Public Performance Audit
, a major project carried out by members of the PM Global team in the Philippines.
Click on "Internet Version, Part I" to begin the presentation.

World Bank calls Uch Project in Pakistan a "landmark collaboration."
PM Global CEO, Per Ljung, then in charge of energy projects for Pakistan said the Uch Project: "demonstrates how the Bank and IFC, working together, can effectively combine their strengths to catalyze private sector power and infrastructure investments."


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