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PM Global
Infrastructure, Inc.
is uniquely qualified
to advise governments
and private sector
clients on all
matters related
to infrastructure


Investment Planning and Evaluation

PM Global staff has carried out numerous investment evaluations, as part of both individual project and sector-wide studies. These included water, power, telecoms and transport sector work, with policy analysis and cost-benefit analysis designed to identify the priority investments. Concerned countries included Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the SADCC countries of Southern Africa (Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe). Several other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the former Soviet Union and the United States were also taken into account.

These projects also involved the preparation of sector studies with an investment focus both inside and outside the World Bank, with public and private funding. The water sector evaluations included dams, canals, distribution pipelines and pumping stations. The power sector evaluations included hydropower, coal and oil fired generators, pipelines and power distribution networks. The transport sector evaluations involved roads, railways, airports, ports, air and river transport. Telecoms evaluations covered switching, microwave towers, land lines, satellite stations and wireless communications systems (with internet connections).

PM Global staff has used several creative versions of cost-benefit analysis with both financial and economic assessments. In the case of the water and sanitation sectors, this included health benefits as part of the evaluations. PM Global staff members are also experts in risk analysis as part of demand and revenue forecasting for financial and economic evaluations.





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