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PM Global
Infrastructure, Inc.
is uniquely qualified
to advise governments
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to infrastructure


Sector Policy Reforms and Privatization

PM Global staff has been involved in policy reforms and sector restructuring programs in power, gas, telecommunications, transport, water supply and sanitation in a number of countries.

Restructuring of the Power Sector, Pakistan.
PM Global staff was instrumental in designing and spearheading the restructuring of this sector. The work involved, inter alia, creating a regulatory authority (NEPRA), privatizing the Kot Addu power plant (1996) and establishing the highly successful private power policy. Following the original blue print for reform, a complete restructuring ("unbundling") of the power sector is expected to occur over the next few years.

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation, Pakistan (1996-97). PM Global staff initiated and guided a study on private sector participation in this sector. The report examined different ownership options and developed strategies for regulation, tariff setting, service quality monitoring, labor redundancies and financing. A follow-up activity to the study consisted in the preparation of the Karachi Water Supply and Sanitation Board for privatization. (The actual transaction has been delayed due to the unstable political situation in the city.)

Telecommunications Sector, Sri Lanka.
PM Global staff undertook a major review of the sector and outlined a blueprint for liberalizing, strengthening the legal and regulatory arrangements and privatizing the state-owned Sri Lanka Telecom Corporation (SLT). The government implemented the recommendations. As a result, today Sri Lanka possesses the most dynamic and competitive telecom market among the emerging economies in Asia: four mobile telephone operators and two "wireless local loop" companies provide basic telephone services in competition with SLT; the domestic long distance market has been opened for competition; and a major part of SLT has been sold to a strategic investor, who keeps operational control.





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