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PM Global
Infrastructure, Inc.
is uniquely qualified
to advise governments
and private sector
clients on all
matters related
to infrastructure


Performance Measurement and Investment Planning

Metropolitan Manila Water and Sanitation Public Performance Assessment, Philippines.
As part of a consulting team under Louis Berger International, PM Global senior staff members have helped to carry out the development and implementation of a performance monitoring system for the Metropolitan Manila Water Regulatory Office.

This project was the first of its kind, worldwide, that set Baseline Performance Standards and Performance Benchmarks for privatized water and sewerage supply. PM Global tasks included: (a) creating a GIS-based urban information system; (b) developing a monitoring and reporting system for decision support; (c) designing and creating the data layers to be stored in the information system; (d) developing GIS-based presentation materials and maps; (e) developing an information management system and installing it on the client site; (f) developing a customized, GIS-based data viewer for display and analysis of data for management purposes; (g) designing a public information dissemination system; and (h) managing a participatory process involving the stakeholders.

This operation has involved an in-depth technology transfer, training institutional development program with the University of the Philippines National Engineering Center (UP-NEC).

Indian Railways.
PM Global staff is involved in Phase 3 of the development of a Long Range Decision-Support System (LRDSS) for capacity planning and management. This project has included developing a database and performance decision models accessible through a GIS-based user interface.

Information Systems for Monitoring Performance of Infrastructure
PM Global staff carried out a research project for Infrastructure and Environmental Resources for the World Bank which formed the theoretical basis for performance measurement of urban infrastructure sectors in 14 cities and 38 municipalities in the providences in East Java and Bali.

The team implemented this project by working with staff in the field over a period of five years in central, provincial, local village-level government agencies. As a result of our work, a model for water and waste sector investment was developed and later expanded for privatization marketing and evaluation in Metropolitan Manila.


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